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A reclaimation of sacred beauty.
Empowering you in connecting to your luminous essence

Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance the transformative powers of inner illumination through the art of ritual energy care.  

We wish to inspire those in our community to attune & celebrate the true essence of their beauty.  To nourish & ground the body as we then expand the higher self.  Turning your attention back to you're inner light.

We wish to shine a light on our connection with the luminous elements of existence.

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Behind the Brand

Indie Rose was Founded by Claire Law in Byron Bay, Australia in 2020.  Claire is a woman on a mission to uncover the mastery of unconditional love & devotional energy practices that return us back to our original state of sacred connectivity. 

"I wish to inspire a reclaimation of the sacred temples within, to empower those who want to work with their body & discover their sacred jewels within which is reflected to the sacred jewels of our external realm. May this space evoke luminous self love & ecstatic delight within you" - Claire Law

Essences Imbued into Indie Rose






Intentional Beauty 

When we bring a intentional awareness to our bodies, we then create a deeper connection to the world.  When we intentionally devote to inner illumination, we then weave a deeper state of radiance into the world.  When we intentionally renew & regenerate our thoughts & our bodies, we then create a deeper state of regeneration in the world.

Becoming intentionally devoted to finding your authentic essence & expanding your inner radiance takes us into a new era of beauty personally & collectively.

Our Ethos

Sacred Acknowledgement
Bringing our attention to the divine currents that run through all existence, honouring the sacred abundance we have access to when we open our hearts.

Nature Connectivity
With a thankful heart we honour our earth, we connect to the natural world around us, we connect in divine union offering back as much as we recieve.

Source Energy Cultivation
Remembering our potential as spiritual beings, cultivating our source energy & releasing the flow of light back out into the world around us.