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activating your healing hands

How to recognise untapped healing abilities in your hands that need to be activated and nurtured.

This is something that is so common in modern society, the bodies natural healing capacity isn't widely acknowledged, & those with the ability to channel powerful energy through their bodies, especially their hands don't even know they have the ability to do so.

This energy then becomes trapped, there becomes a dis-ease in the body because the energy isn't being run through & given permission with intention to flow naturally.

There are numerous symptoms of allowing our natural life force to flow uninterrupted;

Strong sensations, tinkling, numbness, stiffness, shoulder pain, tight heart centre, anxiety, frustration, exaggerated anger, a feeling of being stuck, being unclear, inability to manifest.

It is essential that we remember the universal power we have access to as human beings, that our healers are awoken at this time to create magic, nurture & soften the hearts of many, heal past traumas & create beauty in the world.

How to activate and nurture your hands healing abilities;

Work with gold & natural plants & herbs, hand massage, activating pressure points,  cultivating a daily activation ritual, tai chi, reiki, working with a healer, practicing energy work on your own body then on others.

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