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Sensual Bliss


Let's be honest we all deep down want to feel more SENSUAL BLISS in our bodies through self-love & connection with others, right?

To feel the sweet rush & pulse of life running through your entire body just from the simplest smell, taste, sound, touch, or visual activation.

To feel the frequency of creation in everything is our birthright in our human bodies, yet so many of us have been conditioned since being children to not feel & fully use our senses to cultivate internal bliss, self-pleasure & personal transformation.

Well this is something I'm so passionate about, I create our products as sacred ritual tools to support women & for those women to then include their lovers, partners, families into these rituals with them.  


Because to feel pleasure in your body is to heal your body, pleasure heals & rejuvenates us on a deep cellular level.  Pleasure can present it self in many different ways from the external world in the intentional actions we take to pursue pleasure....BUT working to enhance self pleasure simply from using your own awareness to turn inward is the kind of pleasure I'm here to work with you on enhancing.


Sensual Bliss is what I'm talking about, the deep mastery of internal bliss that is co-created with the energies available for us to absorb through our senses.

Our bodies are so intelligent beyond comprehension, when we have an experience say watching a beautiful sunset or making love with our partner, our memories are formed from these moments through our senses of sight, sound, smell & touch & then these all create a memory of how we FEEL in the moment & after the experience.

Then when we go back & contemplate these moments through inner awareness, mediation or visualisation we can track where these memories/energies are stored in our body & mind.

The next part is what really excites me....we can then work with these memories stored in the body to transform & enhance their powerful effects in our lives, turning your body into a sensual reservoir of blissful energies by training our body & mind to fully utilise the energies of our experiences to revitalise us from the inside out.


Thats enough words, because this is just a quick overview of something that takes practice & devotion to activating into your life.  I would love to guide you through this process & would be honoured if you would....


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