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The Kiss of the Divine Lover Awaits You 

Are you ready to discover the deepest essence of union & embody a language of love that will transform your relationship with self & with your loved ones?

Love Language is a place where you will feel beauty at it’s most subtle yet potent frequency. A place where words have no meaning, where only the pure transmission is felt & embodied.This is a place within where every cell in your body makes love with complete rapture & ecstasy, in union to the bliss of oneness.

If you are ready to take your mission of self love to the next level, welcome a whole new layer of intimacy in your relationships or drop deeper into devotion union with your clients.  This journey is for you & we are waiting to initiate you.

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Love Language is an elite initiation ceremony like no other!  This is for the powerful Empress within you to open heart to a new level of receptivity, soften your body &  allow the kiss of the divine to penetrate your entire being with complete presence & trust as you discover your language of love.


Claire Law

Claire Law is the createress of INDIE ROSE & an energy alchemist.  She will guide through your bespoke ritual offering.

"I live for energy work, it is my magic, it is my devotion, it is my intention in everything i do in life to understand & deepen my connection to the unseen realms that weave life together.

I can't wait to share this deep & nourishing space with you, to tune in, expand & create a potent bespoke ritual practice to serve you in life as you expand into your true luminous essence & share your light with the world."

Bless, Claire xx 

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