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Reclaiming sacred beauty is about activating the senses, & illuminating our inner light through ritual. It's about understanding that when our body relaxes, our mind expands, and our spirit opens like a flower. 

Whether you are a facilitator supporting others to blossom in their sacred power or you are on the journey of self realisation, a bespoke 1:1 session will bring worlds of sacred wisdom into your somatic worship practice.

In your 1:1 ritual session Claire will work with you to create a bespoke ritual energy care practice.  You will be guided through self regulatory practices that you can easy integrate into your daily routines or specific rituals to use with clients if you are a healing practitioner, coach or therapist.

Claire will greet anyone who is open to exploring working 1:1 on a complimentary discovery call.  This enables both parties to ensure this work is the right fit for them & allows a bespoke container to be created.  Simply book a 15 minute slot in below.

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Everyones unique essence should be honoured. Creating a
bespoke ritual practice will help you enhance & activate:

Self Regulation ~ Pleasure & Sensuality  ~
Alchemy & Transformation ~ Ceremony & Ritual ~ Enhance Existing Modalities ~ Enhance your Craft & Ceremonial Holding Capacity

Claire Law

Claire Law is the createress of INDIE ROSE & an energy alchemist.  She will guide through your bespoke ritual offering.

"I live for energy work, it is my magic, it is my devotion, it is my intention in everything i do in life to understand & deepen my connection to the unseen realms that weave life together.

I can't wait to share this deep & nourishing space with you, to tune in, expand & create a potent bespoke ritual practice to serve you in life as you expand into your true luminous essence & share your light with the world."

Bless, Claire xx