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Beyond the Realm of the Seen
is a Temple of the Unseen.





In your 1:1 ritual session Claire will work with you to create a bespoke ritual energy care practice.  You will be guided through self regulatory practices that you can easy integrate into your daily self-care routines.  Working with external ritual practices, internal energy alignment & intentional touch.

Within your personal container you will be guided through rituals, invited to adorn & anoint your body in sacred union, asked to enter realms & discover gems hidden deep within yourself, held as you activate your authentic temple arts. You will commune with your sacred guides & recover the sacred chambers inside your body.

Everyones unique essences should be honored so creating a
bespoke ritual practice for you will help you enhance & activate:

Self Regulation - Intuitive Flow - Healing Modalities -Pleasure & Sensuality - Connection to Spirit Presence & Devotion - Alchemy & Transformation - Ceremony & Ritual -Active & Enhance Existing Modalities

Claire Law

Claire Law is the createress of INDIE ROSE & an energy alchemist.  She will guide through your bespoke ritual offering.

"I live for energy work, it is my magic, it is my devotion, it is my intention in everything i do in life to understand & deepen my connection to the unseen realms that weave life together.

I can't wait to share this deep & nourishing space with you, to tune in, expand & create a potent bespoke ritual practice to serve you in life as you expand into your true luminous essence & share your light with the world."

Bless, Claire xx 

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